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We hear it all the time;  Customers tell us that they can make wonderful tasting Hush Puppies with our mix by just spooning the batter into the oil, but they aren’t always very pretty to look at.  Problem solved!

With our 3/8 oz, all stainless steel, Hushpuppy Scoopers, you can make perfectly sized Hushpuppies every time.  It helps if you use a wide, rounded bowl to scoop out your batter.

1.    Just scoop up some batter and skid the open part of the Scooper against your bowl to form a ball of batter.

2.    Squeeze the handle of your Hushpuppy Scooper and drop your batter ball into the oil.

3.    Tip: After every 5-10 balls, you may want to dip your Hushpuppy Scooper in some warm water, so the batter doesn’t stick to the Scooper.

4.    Perfect Hushpuppies every time!

(The great thing about this Scooper is that you will find yourself using it for a lot of other things like scooping ice cream, butter, cookie dough and melon.  It even works equally well with either hand!)

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